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September 2020 Meeting Minutes

The Reserve at Knollwood

HOA Board Minutes 9-08-20 via ZOOM

Board Members present: Richard Mullin, Dane Hildebrecht, Brian Davis, Donny Hill, Crista Vogler, Brittany Leliaert

Approval of Minutes

The board unanimously approved the minutes from July 2020 meeting.


Financials are looking good. No major changes since the last meeting. A few more of the residents have paid their overdue HOA dues.

The board plans to accumulate enough money in the fund to be able to pay for the road repaving in the future. We hope to have $60k a year to save toward this project.

Estimate to crack seal roads ‘only’ is estimated at $45-50K. Will gather estimates for the entire repaving for the future.

The last time we used environmentally safe products and it was easily scraped away. That was two years ago. Board discussed an industrial version that would last longer, 4 to 5 years but also discussed hazards and cost. The industrial version would be less costly and hold up better.

Road work would be preferable to do in cooler weather such as Fall.

Foegley landscape to put up erosion guards near homes by the Knollwood gate. Old Post Road also has an erosion issue and we need to keep water from flowing and freezing underneath the road.

A few pot holes have also recently been patched. 

River Rock will be installed soon by the gates, instead of mulch.

ACC Committee Update

Residents are required to submit architectural designs and a map of lot lines before building any structure. Bylaws will be on the new website when that is up and running. Rich is also going to try to email a copy to all residents within the next week or so. 

Residents also reminded to be mindful of removing trees. When a large amount of trees are removed, please be mindful to plant something in its place that you enjoy. This will be a subject of discussion for new bylaws.

Residents also reminded to be responsible and clean up the road in front of their own homes after yard care or construction work. 

“Little Library” up and running and residents are encouraged to drop off or take books. Discussed moving this to a separate area for the winter so that it is more accessible for residents during winter months.

Gate Committee

No major issues with gates. Someone did bend the key pad on ironwood gate. Donny to repair. 

Final Thoughts

The board reviewed and discussed the bylaws. We discussed which ones are out of date and board members are encouraged to think about what we would like to change, delete and improve. That discussion will continue at next meeting.

The annual HOA meeting with be November 10, 2020. Mailings will go out by Oct 11, 2020 as required in bylaws. Board will vote to make notifications electronically in the future. We are unsure at this time if the meeting will be in person at Knollwood or via ZOOM due to the pandemic. 

Meeting adjourned at 1940 by Rich Mullin.