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March 2020 Meeting Minutes

The Reserve at Knollwood HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at 6:30 pm. Rich Mullin’s home.

Members Present: Richard Mullin, Dane Hildebrecht, Brian Davis, Donny Hill and Brittany Leliaert

Minutes from January 16, 2020 meeting unanimously approved by the board. 

Brian Davis delivered the treasury report. Discussed residents that are behind in HOA fees and how to handle the few that are delinquent.  Motion to approve by Donny Hill, Second by Brian Davis, all in favor.

Brian discussed the pothole near Ironwood gate.  Curbing along Old Post Road needs replaced, southside of the hill.  Looking into Walsh and Kelly and others for quotes on future needs.  Brian to contact Schemburger Asphalt to finish crack seal and repair additional cracks per 2019 contract. 

Donny discussed gate status and updates. Redfield’s gate Click2Enter system for emergency vehicles and first responders needs to be replaced.  Click2Enter system cost $1,500 and allows first responders access in an emergency.  Work to be completed by Overhead Door of Michiana.  Motion to approve by Donny Hill, Second Rich Mullin, all in favor.  

Stateline’s gate was hit by Foegley’s snow plow, whom is replacing the gate. Estimated to take 6 weeks from February 28th to complete. 

Social Events: Due to the COVID – 19 pandemic, social events will be placed on hold until further notice.

Architectural Control:  Donny brought plans for pool house.  Will submit with elevations for approval and permits soon. 

Donny submitted quote from 10 Point Land Management to clear the natural trail at Redfield gate.   $1,920 to clear an 84” wide path around the entire pond.  Motion to approve by Donny, second Brian Davis, all in favor.  Work to be completed by end of March, weather and Covid-19 permitting.    

Brian discussed website project.  The page is nearing completion.  We need to add the content.

  • Board Members and contact
  • FAQ
  • Information about Neighborhood
  • Minutes
  • Meeting Dates
  • Photos

Rich suggest we look at other HOA pages to get an idea, also take to the Facebook group for suggestions.  Each member will think of FAQ questions for next meeting. 

Next meeting date: May 12, 2020.  Time and place to be determined.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm.