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July 2020 Meeting Minutes

The Reserve at Knollwood HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, July 8, 2020 via ZOOM

Members present:  Richard Mullin, Dane Hildebrecht, Brian Davis, Crista Vogler, Donny Hill, Brittany Leliaert

Minutes from May 12, 2020 unanimously approved by the board.


Brian Davis delivered the financial report. No unforeseen expenses for the rest of 2020. 

No profit loss so far this year.

We have not seen the bill from Foegley yet for this year.

A few residents still need to pay their dues for 2020. Most people will pay by the end of the year.

Goal for this next year is to build up a fund reserve & save for capital projects in the future.


Dane raised a question about a pothole/road repair in front of the neighborhood and he is going to contact a company to repair.

Brian mentioned two small potholes that need to be repaired and he will take care of that himself.


We have had recent problems with people/construction workers disconnecting wires to the gates. Also issue with new neighbor parking white SUV near gate, triggering the gate to remain open. Action: will review security gates and vote in future to impose a fine for anyone caught messing with the gate. 

The board discussed current sign policy for the neighborhood. Current bylaws restrict posting signage in yards. Board members will review bylaws before the next meeting concerning signage rules. 


Pond issues:  Estimates received by Donny from outside company to fix algae in pond. Dane suggested letting Foegley try to remedy this first.  Will see how they do with clearing up the water. Possibly will consider rolling the pond maintenance into the contact with them for the next few years. Cost is roughly $1,600 but we feel that it is important as so many families use that pond.

We also should probably put up a “no swimming sign”, as several people have witnessed children swimming in that pond.

Crista discussed one pending ACC project on Covington Bluff Court for an addition. Architectural plans look good. Will email to the rest of the board to make sure nothing was missed and will send letter of approval to resident.

Need to post on the website that residents need approvals for additions. Will vote at later date to impose a fine on those who complete projects without board approval.


Crista was approached by a resident suggesting a community yard sale. In light of COVID19 and all the traffic that would arise from that event, this suggestion has been declined by the board at this time.

Other projects for social activities are also on hold due to COVID19.  Crista will keep working on a CPR class that would be via social media, but without hands on training or certification for now.

The “LITTLE LIBRARY” project is awaiting a final estimate along with an estimate for a bench from Brittany. Once she has that estimate and the estimate for concrete, we will vote as a board to pay for this project. Would plan to have it installed before the end of the Summer.

Crista and Brittany have discussed and photographed the location for the library. 

Date of next public meeting is tentatively set for the 2nd Tuesday in November. Rich will look into fees to enable a zoom meeting for the neighborhood.

Meeting adjourned at 1940.